Spanish course Level 1 Online class


Spanish course level 1 Online from July 30 to October 1
Tuesdays from 10:45 am – 12:00 

Online platform: Zoom

Level 1. Students will become familiar with the sounds of Spanish. Understand and use frequently used expressions in everyday situations,
as well as simple sentences. Learn to ask questions directed at immediate needs.
In the A1 Spanish course students will develop an understanding of the following topics:
• Letters of the Spanish alphabet and their sounds.
• Greetings.
• Introducing yourself.
• Numbers.
• Talk about family.
• Say where you are from.
• Ask and tell ages.
• Express possession.
• Describe your and others professions.
• Asking questions.
• Expressing emotions
• Ask and give directions.
• Talk about schedules and tell time.
• Talk about activities
And more.
Class material includes writing practice, listening, vocabulary, and homework. In the classes we will practice conversation and correct pronunciation. The class material is included in the cost of the course.