Private Tuition

Private Tuitions and One on one classes
Lesson: 1:15 hours
Class material included.

Why to choose one on one Spanish tutoring?
*Lessons are created for your own language level.
*You have total personal attention from your teacher – you are learning all the time.
*You can ask for as much error correction, explanations and feedback as you want without worrying about any other students in the class.
*You can study at your speed. Go faster or slow down.
*You speak for the majority of the lesson time, so it is really intensive learning. You would have to study for much longer in a group class to speak for the same amount of time.
*You can work on confidential or sensitive work-related material that you would not want to share with other students.
*You practice, revise and re-use new vocabulary and grammar continuously.
*There are no interruptions or distractions from other students.
*You only speak with a teacher, not in pairs or groups with other students who are also learning English and can make mistakes.
HolaWinnipeg offers weekly training for individuals and groups at your office, homes, or at The Launch Coworking space and online.
Rates per hour and fifteen minutes based on group size and lesson time. A travel charge may apply.


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