Conversation groups

¡Hablemos español
Let’s speak Spanish
Join our conversation group in Spanish with friends from South America.
We enjoy conversation sessions in which we practice this beautiful language, Spanish.
Practicing Spanish with native speakers in our conversation group has many benefits;
*Conversing with a native speaker in our Spanish chat group enhances your ability to talk to native speakers outside of class.
*Become familiar with common native speech patterns and slangs makes it easier to understand native speakers.
*Practice Correct Pronunciation.
*Learn More About the cultures of Spanish speaking countries.
*Receive More Language Input.
*Make friends while practice and learn a second language.
*Gain confidence using your own Spanish communication skills.
If you have not had much opportunity outside of a classroom to converse with a Spanish native speaker, join our multilevel conversation group and speak Spanish!
Join us in our next session!
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